Newly Married? Change Your Deed in a Day

Newly Married? Change Your Deed in a Day

A newly married couple came in to our Walnut Creek office to update their deed. Before their marriage, they had bought their home together as a single man and woman. When they married, the wife took her husband’s last name, but the name on the deed still reflected her maiden name. They wanted a new deed to show their joint ownership as husband and wife; their home would now be Community Property with the Right of Survivorship.

Community Property with the Right of Survivorship: tax benefits if one spouse dies

In California, Community Property with the Right of Survivorship is a way of holding property between a husband and wife that has the benefits of both Community Property and Joint Tenancy. Community Property with the Right of Survivorship receives a significant tax incentive for the surviving spouse/partner when the other one dies. In Community Property with the Right of Survivorship cases, the property is exempt from probate when one spouse/partner dies.

A simple procedure with important legal protections

Changing the name on a deed is a relatively simple process that has important legal protections for couples who hold these deeds. Best of all, it’s something we can generally accomplish in a day. We encourage all couples who have been procrastinating to come in to one of our California Document Preparers offices to update your deed to reflect your new domestic relationship. 


During this extraordinary time of COVID-19 closures, California Document Preparers is still open for business. We are continuing to operate in light of the Shelter-in-Place order, especially over the phone, via video chat, or through the website.


You may call our Oakland or Walnut Creek offices at their regular numbers and someone will answer:
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You can also call our Dublin office at (925) 479-9600 and you will receive a return call as soon as possible.


Our top priority is safety.  We also acknowledge that many of you have expressed an urgent desire to prepare your estate documents in light of the current public health crisis.  We are there for you and ready to assist.


The times have changed, but our dedication to service has not.  We appreciate your continued support and wish you and your family stay well under these difficult circumstances.


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