Case Study: Attorney MIA; Client Chooses CDP to Get Divorce  

Case Study: Attorney MIA; Client Chooses CDP to Get Divorce  

A woman came into our Walnut Creek office because she simply wanted to get divorced. She had begun divorce proceedings many months before with a divorce attorney who had come highly recommended, but she was frustrated with the process, the delay and the mounting costs.

She had to constantly remind him to file documents and he became very impatient with her requests for explanations of the divorce proceedings and expectations. A charge of more than $1,000 for a series of email exchanges full of legalese that did nothing to detail her husband’s support obligations was the final straw. When she couldn’t get hold of her attorney for more than two weeks because he was busy with more important cases, she knew it was time to find a better solution.

She began Googling for family law attorneys

California Document Preparers showed up on the first page of her search engine results page, she began reading testimonials from the many satisfied clients and called to schedule an appointment with Caitlyn, one of the family law specialists in our Walnut Creek office.

No wonder this client was frustrated

Hers was a relatively simple, uncontested divorce. She and her husband were still on fairly good terms and were in agreement about division of property and a parenting plan for their small daughter. The experience with her attorney had convinced her that he wasn’t really interested in a simple divorce such as theirs. He kept looking for reasons to create animosity and take their case to court; as the case dragged on, the fees kept mounting.

What a different experience working with Caitlyn

“Caitlyn explained my options, and it all began to make sense. I was regularly in touch with Caitlyn as she patiently guided me through paperwork and the divorce process. She is smart, efficient and explained everything so I could understand. Best of all, California Document Preparers charges one flat fee. My divorce is finally over–just three months after I began working with Caitlyn. She did more work for me than my attorney–at 1/20th of the fee.”

We’ve helped more than 2,000 couples get divorced

Divorce is never easy, but we prepare the legal documents, notarize and file them. Clients tell us they’re surprised at just how easy it was! Best of all, we’re there for you every step of the way. Make an appointment today to get started on your Divorce.


During this extraordinary time of COVID-19 closures, California Document Preparers is still open for business. We are continuing to operate in light of the Shelter-in-Place order, especially over the phone, via video chat, or through the website.


You may call our Oakland or Walnut Creek offices at their regular numbers and someone will answer:
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You can also call our Dublin office at (925) 479-9600 and you will receive a return call as soon as possible.


Our top priority is safety.  We also acknowledge that many of you have expressed an urgent desire to prepare your estate documents in light of the current public health crisis.  We are there for you and ready to assist.


The times have changed, but our dedication to service has not.  We appreciate your continued support and wish you and your family stay well under these difficult circumstances.


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